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The most complex source of bio-active proteins, vitamins and minerals – Imunyze.

Supports immunity. It completely nourishes the body. Regenerates muscle tissue.
A healthy body involves a strong immune system.
The immune system fights against the aggressive pathogens to which we are exposed. It is a complex system, consisting of cells and molecules, bone marrow, tissues and organs, which involves the whole organism and which, in order to function in parameters, needs balance and harmony.
Strengthening the health and balance of the body
As the main pillar of a healthy organism, the immune system is positively influenced by factors such as balanced diet, constant physical activity and enough rest. Therefore, we need to offer the body as varied a diet as possible in nutrients, so that we cover all its needs and give it what is necessary to keep it healthy.
Why did Imunyze products – Immunoglobulin Y have additional advantages in immunity consolidation?
"The Imunyze range is an excellent source for supporting and boosting the immunity through the content of bioactive protein fractions (especially immunoglobulin Y as well as lysozyme, ovotransferrin, ovomucin and ovoalbumin). In addition, it provides the basic amino acids necessary for the body to maintain and regenerate tissues. Our formula is composed only of natural ingredients and vitamin C, free from additives."
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About IgY technology

IgY has antibacterial, antiviral and immune enhancement properties, which can be used as a therapy for passive immunization in viral infections (influenza virus), in diseases including the immunosuppressive component (psoriasis), etc. In Japan, the Immunoglobulin Y is administered to patients in hospitals for the prevention of nosocomial (within hospital) infections. The administration of IgY to children is also favourable, particularly as they spend a lot of time in large groups.

Imunyze products by the unique association of two essential components in boosting the immunity: bio-active proteins + vitamin C, are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and arachidonic acid, protein, folic acid and phosphorus.
They have as component the Immunoglobulin Y - recommended in case of a weak immune system, against the background of the organism infection with one of the pathogens towards which they contain antibodies that can be used by people of any age.
No additives or preservatives
No genetically modified organisms
Gluten free
No soy
No trans fat
No sugar or sweeteners
Imunyze Defence
Immunoglobulin Y concentrated powder - recommended in case of a weak immune system against the background of the organism infection with one of the pathogens towards which it contains antibodies and can be used by persons of any age.
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Imunyze Health
The product strengthens the immune system and helps the body to fight during a disease; it is also recommended for prevention in seasons with temperature variations (spring and autumn).
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Imunyze Wellness
Natural protein powder with high concentration and absorption power. Recommended during the convalescence period, in case of prolonged effort and diet deficiencies, being rich in proteins essential to the proper functioning of the body.
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Imunyze Complete
The product is characterized by a higher concentration of biologically active protein. Excellent source of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and calcium, essential components of the joints.
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Imunyze Skin Refresh
Imunyze Skin Refresh contains bio-active protein fractions that provide a smoothing,regenerative, calming and hydrating effect on the skin.
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Imunyze Skin Repair
Imunyze Skin Repair is a protein moisturizer designed to regenerate and support the epithelia affected by various factors.
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Imunyze protects the organism, supports and strengthen the immune system.
In addition, it ofers an important quantity of the best quality protein, essential to the proper functioning of the whole body.
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