Dermato-Therapeutics - Imunyze - Produs Natural
Natural formula, without alcohol, perfume, or dyes.
Contains bioactive proteins, polyvalent antibodies (IgY), and collagen, having a direct action on bacterial and fungal infections. They are specially designed for the regeneration and maintenance of epithelia attacked by various factors, including bacterial ones. Natural formula, without alcohol, perfume, or dyes.
No additives or preservatives
No genetically modified organisms
Gluten free
No soy
No trans fat
No sugar or sweeteners
  • Imunyze Hair Repair
    195.00 lei
    Imunyze Hair Repair - Shampoo - represents a revolutionary formula based on the combination of natural and biological active ingredients with remarkable effects on the scalp..
  • Imunyze Skin Refresh
    200.00 lei
    Imunyze Skin Refresh contains bio-active protein fractions that provide a smoothing, regenerative, calming and hydrating effect on the skin.
  • Imunyze Skin Repair
    180.00 lei
    Imunyze Skin Repair is a protein moisturizer designed to regenerate and support the epithelia affected by various factors.


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