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Your health and balance depend on your choices.
The right choices for your body are self-care. The needs of the body and a healthy immune system are not always covered by the nutrients in the daily diet, thus a nutritional supplement meant for an active lifestyle helps you to supplement those diet deprivations.
No additives or preservatives
No genetically modified organisms
Gluten free
No soy
No trans fat
No sugar or sweeteners
  • Supliment Alimentar Imunyze Wellness | 100% natural
    Imunyze Health
    260.00 lei
    The product strengthens the immune system and helps the body to fight during a disease; it is also recommended for prevention in seasons with temperature variations (spring and autumn).
  • Imunyze Wellness - Supliment Alimentar - Produs 100% natural
    Imunyze Wellness
    300.00 lei
    Product recommended during the convalescence period, in case of prolonged effort and diet deficiencies, being rich in proteins essential to the development and strengthening of the body tissues and its proper functioning.


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