Support immunity - Imunyze - Produs Natural
A strong immune system ensures a healthy body.
A balanced and varied diet should contain as many nutrients as possible that stimulate the immune system. The immune system is a complex mechanism, being the central pillar which helps the organism fight off harmful factors. By supporting it with the right intake of nutrients, we have it strengthened.
No additives or preservatives
No genetically modified organisms
Gluten free
No soy
No trans fat
No sugar or sweeteners
  • Imunyze Complete - Supliment Alimentar - Produs 100% natural
    Imunyze Defence
    Rich content of Immunoglobulin Y product - recommended in case of a weak immune system against the background of the organism infection with one of the pathogens towards which it contains antibodies and can be used by persons of any age.
  • Imunyze Healthcare
    IMUNYZE HEALTHCARE can be used by people of any age, being recommended in case of a weakened immune system, following the infection of the organism with one of the pathogens against which it contains antibodies.


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